The ABCs of Typography
Christopher Rouleau

The ABCs of Typography

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A is for Ascender, B is for Bowl, C is for Cap height … Want to know some more?

In this delightful volume, graphic designer Christopher Rouleau takes us through his abecedary of typography. Kids and adults alike are sure to learn something new and grow their appreciation for the art of letterforms and the arrangement of type.

32 pages. Full colour. Paperback.


Christopher Rouleau is an award-winning graphic designer, sign painter, and lettering artist in Toronto. When he’s not planning an event for Ligatures (his local typography meet-up club) or collecting antique signage samples around the city, you’ll find him working on new lettering projects at his studio. His work has been featured in magazines such as Spacing, Uppercase, and Flare. Christopher attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary. This is his second book.