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Brad Long on Butter | Paperback
Brad Long

Brad Long on Butter | Paperback

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Eric Clapton shoulda used those slow hands to milk Jerseys and Guernseys…

So begins chef Brad Long’s personal, funny, and beautiful ode to that seductively golden, most delicious of fats: butter.

Shunned since the 1960s under faulty health claims, butter was often removed from the family table, seen as a guilty pleasure and replaced in fridges across North America by “butter-like” spreads. But chefs have known for years what scientists and the general public are now circling back to: as a natural and whole food, butter is good for you. Not only that—cold, melted, or sizzling—butter is undeniably drool-inducing. Brad Long on Butter celebrates this sexy staple.

From savoury to sweet dishes, classic preparations to playful spins, Brad Long revels in the buttery possibilities like no one else.

A renowned Canadian chef with a career spanning over 30 years, Brad Long is a pioneer in advocating ethical, local, organic, and sustainable practices from dirt to dish and a strong, vocal leader in the national food scene. Brad is currently chef and owner of Café Belong and Belong Catering, where his understanding of food is reflected in the fresh, delicious fare he procures and serves every day.

Born and raised in the lakeside community of Port Dover, Ontario, eating locally grown food as a simple fact of family life, Brad never strays from his deeply rooted belief that “Food is fuel. Food is medicine. Food is love.”

Advance Praise

“Folded into Brad Longs passionate love letter to butter are invaluable basic cooking lessons and yummy recipes, all presented in his engagingly unpretentious way. Its rare that a cookbook is also such a good read.” —James Chatto, food writer

“An irreverent meditation on butter that spreads the love.” —Bob Blumer, Food Network host and author“Brad’s friendly book provides the feeling of an acclaimed chef by my side describing the nuances of fundamental techniques that I want to use again and again. He points out the importance of starting with honest ingredients, how the process should look and sound, what is important (and what is superfluous), and recommends when else to make use of these notable recipes.” —David Cohlmeyer, consultant for sustainable farmers

Brad Long on Butter is an unabashed homage to the delicious goodness of butter told in Brads uniquely humorous and irreverent voice. I suggest you make some brown buttered popcorn (recipe p. 44!), sit back, and enjoy this entertaining (and educational!) read!” —Peter & Chris Neal, authors of  Goodness: Recipes & Stories

Brad Long on Butter reads like a conversation with Brad, in the kitchen, with maybe a bottle of wine shared. His writing flows as easily as butter melting in a pan, and before you know it, you’re learning more than just recipes with butter; you’re learning kitchen fundamentals, cloaked cleverly in a butter sauce. On the scale of guilty pleasures, cooking with (and eating) butter is a little less indulgent than, say, getting high with Oasis backstage while you should be at your kid’s soccer game, but fear not: Brad is here to help you with that. Not the backstage part, the butter part.” —Antony John, organic farmer and former host of  The Manic Organic.

Published by The Harvest Commission

Paperback | 176 pages | ISBN 978-0-995-08210-6 | Full colour