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NOW AVAILABLE: Gender Physics by Betty-Ann Heggie
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The Up-to-Date Sandwich Book | Paperback
Eva Greene Fuller

The Up-to-Date Sandwich Book | Paperback

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Legend has it that the first sandwich was created in the 18th century by the 4th Earl of Sandwich as a solution for keeping his fingers unsullied while at his desk or playing cribbage. What started out as simply meat between two pieces of bread caught on first in England—“bring me the same as Sandwich!”—and then ultimately in North America in the 1800s. Fast, portable, and cheap, the sandwich became a beloved and practical meal of the working class. In 1909, Eva Green Fuller wrote this recipe book detailing 400 “up-to-date” sandwiches, proving that a sandwich could contain anything one’s heart desired.

Over 100 years later, we’ve faithfully recreated the original 1909 edition—including its beautiful block prints. This is the complete and unaltered text, respectfully restored.

With categories spanning fish and eggs to salad, meat, and “miscellaneous,” this wonderfully no-nonsense guide continues to inspire, delight—and, yes, sometimes even enrage and repulse—sandwich lovers everywhere.


Published by The Harvest Commission

Paperback | 192 pages | ISBN 978-0-995-08212-0 | Black-and-white interior with beautifully restored motif 

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